Electric Bicycles

The bicycle library has 5 different electric bicycles with different functions for different needs. The electric bicycle has gotten some mixed feedback, both positive and negative, as some electric bicycles have been better suited to certain needs than others.
The electric bicycle as a mode of transport
An electric bicycle is a regular bicycle with a electronic auxiliary motor, which is typically mounted on the bicycle's front or rear hub. The electric assistance allows you to easily and quickly cycle up to 20 kilometers without a sweat. Thus, the electric bicycle can be considered to be a competitive and more environmentally friendly alternative to the car or public transport.

Johnny bought an electric bicycle after a visit to the bicycle library. See him tell why in this short video (in Danish).

Electric bicycles motivate the users to cycle more often and for longer distances
The bicycle library’s questionnaire has shown that the electric bikes have increased the users transport options. 50% of the users who have borrowed an electric bicycle say that they would cycle more and longer if they had had an electric bicycle of their own.

A study made in connection with 'Copenhagen Bicycle Strategy 2011-25' shows that when the distance is over 10 km, more people tend to prefer other modes of transport such as car, bus or train instead of the bicycle. According to the library’s questionnaire, the electric bicycles had a potential to break this pattern and change mobility habits. As much as 70% of the users, who have borrowed an electric bicycle, have had a good or great experience. They also have cycled longer distances. 52% of the users have cycled a distance of 10-20 km and 33% have cycled between 20-50 km, making the use of other modes of transport unnecessary.

Although an electric bicycle in many ways is different from an ‘ordinary’ bicycle, most users claim a good riding experience and is very safe to use.

Electric bicycle turns a headwind into a tailwind
Most users who have borrowed an electric bicycle emphasize that it has been fun and different to cycle on.

“Great experience with the acceleration, especially in wind etc.. - but not much help over 20 kmh.
 I am more for city bicycle style, so am looking forward to borrow your Cube”
(Female, 36-45 years)(Translated from Danish)

“It was a good experience to feel that it helped over hills and long distances.”
(Male, 56-65 years)(Translated from Danish)

The users are pleased with the assistance the electric bicycle offers, and several users perceive it as better than expected. Many users report back that the electric bicycles are well suited for longer distances, and especially as help up hills and against the wind. The experience is so satisfying that about half of the users are considering buying an electric bicycle after having tested them at the library.

Lack of storage space and limited coverage on batteries

“The electric bicycle is not optimal in relation to distance. Battery got off after 17 km on the model I tested.”
(Male, 36-45 years)(Translated from Dansih)

Several users have, however, had to admit that the borrowed electric bicycle did not suit their needs. These users mention, among other things, that the battery life on the borrowed electric bicycle, was not optimal. Some electric bicycles are also impractical when it comes to storage. There is often quite limited luggage space for the transport of goods and children. A few users mention that it is a disadvantage that the battery can not be locked on the bike.

Dissatisfaction is not necessarily due to the electric bicycle as a concept, but more to the limitations of each model. Approximately 30% of the users will rather consider buying a different type of electric bicycle that better can meet the practical needs than the type they have tested/borrowed.

Despite the fact that the borrowed electric bicycles have not been a good experience for all, riders still emphasize the that they have been delighted with the opportunity to borrow an electric bicycle, as they have found out how this bicycle fits in their everyday lives. The users who are not considering to purchase a electric bicycle right now, still see opportunities in the electric bicycle. It will be good as a mode of transport as they get older, or if their daily commute distance would be increased.

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