The Electric-assist Long John

There are different versions of two-wheeled cargo bikes - typically classed as Long Johns and Short Johns. At the bicycle library, we have one electric-assist Long John.
El-Long John as mode of transport
An electric Long John is a two-wheel transport bicycle with an electric motor and a platform in front. Such a configuration makes it possible for the safe, fast and easy transport of children, goods, or other cargo. The mounted electric motor makes it fast and easy to cycle - even under heavy load.

Søren has purchased an electric Long John after a visit to the bicycle library. See him tell why in this short video (in Danish).

El-Long John motivates the users to cycle more often and longer distances, and to use the car less
The users who have borrowed an electric-assist Long John from the bicycle library have expanded their transportation options. Half of users said they would cycle more or longer if they had this type of bicycle, and 15% believe that they would use the car less. The users also think that an electric-assist Long John is well suited to address transport tasks. 27% of readers said they could use such a cycle in transport situations which they otherwise would resolve by car or transport.

A study made in connection with “Copenhagen Bicycle Strategy 2011-25” shows that when the distance is over 10 km, more people tend to prefer other modes of transport such as car, bus or train instead of the bicycle. According to our questionnaire, an electric-assist Long John can break this pattern and offer a real and more environmentally friendly alternative that reduces the need for other modes of transport. 79% of users said that they have had a great or good experience on the borrowed electric Long John. As much as 92% of the users also find that it has a good driveability and 84% believe that it is very safe.  41% of users have cycled a distance of 20-50 km, and 10% is up to distances more than 50 km.

Quick, practical and fun
The electric-assist Long John as design and function has surpassed the users expectations. They are generally very excited about the Long John model with electric motor.

“Better than expected. Fast and fun without being cumbersome in everyday life.”
(Male, 36-45 years)

“Definitely. Very useful on roads with many cycles, because the bicycle follows easily with the pace.”
(Male, 56-65 years)

The majority of the users consider to buy an electric-assist Long John after having tested it at the library.

Price is a barrier to purchase
20% of the users who will not consider buying a bicycle similar to the one borrowed, or who are in doubt, mention among other things the price as a barrier to purchase. In continuation of this some user are considering buying an electric bike that is cheaper. Other acknowledges are that the cycle does not fit into their current needs, but that they would consider it if their needs change. A few users mention also the lack of adequate parking in town as a barrier to purchase.

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