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As a vibrant cycling laboratory, Bicycle Innovation Lab has experience with a wide variety of activities. On this site you can read about our experiences.

If you want to collaborate with us please send an email to bWFpbEBiaWN5Y2xlaW5ub3ZhdGlvbmxhYi5kaw==.

Regular activities
Visit the Bicycle Library. We are open every Thursday from 4-6 PM. Read about it here.

We have also worked with these activities:

Rent the Bicycle Library

You can rent parts of the Bicycle Library. It can be for one day events or for longer periods. The Bicycle Library has been rented by business networks who wanted to offer their employees the opportunity to find their dream bike as well as help the company reduce their CO2 emissions.

Photo: The Bicycle Library at HOFOR and Niras.
Project - Cykelteket in Helsingør

Don't Worry - Bike Happy is the motto of the new bicycle library in Helsingør, north of Copenhagen. It's called Cykelteket and is owned by the Municipality of Helsingør.

With three years of experience building and managing a bicycle library Bicycle Innovation Lab was an obvious partner for Cykelteket. We have helped plan the building process and how Cykelteket is going to function. We have designed the containers and the interior for the place, we have used our knowledge of how different types of bicycles and user groups interact and helped with other assignments.

Design - Furesøstativet

In collaboration with Furesø Municipality and HOE360 Consulting we have developed a new bicycle stand that makes it easier to secure your bike when you leave it in public space. We call it Furesøstativet.


Bicycle Innovation Lab have given and arranged talks about bicycle culture, infrastructure and the Bicycle Library in both Danish and English. Read about our participation in Velocity 2012 here.

Exhibition - The Good City

The Good City is Bicycle Innovation Lab's international travelling exhibition.

It focuses on the challenges Copenhagen faces as a cycling city and explores the possibilities inherent in cycling as a platform for change towards better cities with less congestion and better living spaces.

The travelling exhibition is aimed at an international audience and can be rented by anyone in any locality. Rent it to create an interactive space for debating the role of the bicycle in the good cities of the future.
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Bicycle Innovation Lab offers guided tours of the Bicycle Library combined with talks about bicycle culture and other interesting topics. You can also try the bicycles form the Bicycle Library.

Bicycle innovation Lab have also arranged workshops. One of them was the Hackevent between Bicycle Innovation Lab and Copenhagen IT University. Ten students had two days to come up with solutions to solve tomorrows traffic problems.

Education - Biking to School

Together with Furesø Municipality and other partners we have developed a course to increase the percentage of cyclists among school children. The method of teaching makes the bike relevant as an interdisciplinary teaching object in subjects such as mathematics, science & technology, art or history, while promoting the children's desire to cycle.
Watch an introduction in the video below.

In the Workshop Space you can maintain and reapir your bike.
Lectures, debates, workshops, film nights and much more.
We have designed a bcycle course for schools together with Furesø Municipality.
Talks in 2017 about bicycles and the solutions to congestion problems.
Rent our international travelling exhibition to start a debate on cyclism and sustainability.
Become a member and get access to the Bicycle Library and our other activities.
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