The City on Bike

The Bicycle Innovation Lab lectures focus on the intersection between design and the city.
The City on Bike is a thematic series of lectures created by Bicycle Innovation Lab that runs twice in spring 2012 and twice in autumn.

The speakers have all been invited on the grounds of their unique approaches to developing and exploring cycling. Each lecture focuses on a particular bicycle design, which is then explored in an urban context. Our intention with the lecture series is to create a space for the examination of new ideas and the undiscovered societal potential that can be retrieved in the intersection between bicycle design and urban planning.

The bicycle is not a new invention. Nevertheless, it is currently gaining new momentum as a design object and mode of transportation in major cities across the world. At Bicycle Innovation Lab we believe that we need new solutions if we want to ensure space for efficient mobility and create attractive cities in the future. With The City on Bike we focus on the bicycle in the city as a generator for new urban structures and thoughts.

Lectures in 2012:

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