Hack Event at ITU

The inventiveness was palpable at the Bicycle Innovation Lab and IT University hack event Bicycle + Technology. Surrounded by laptops, brightly colored post-its, bicycles and bicycle parts, the participants in the intensive workshop had 10 effective hours to solve tomorrow's challenges.

In the sustainable city of tomorrow people will have to ride longer, easier and better on there bikes - how do we achieve this? Is technology part of the solution? This is what Bicycle Innovation Lab and the IT University asked students at event Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st. at ITU.

It was an instructive weekend: 

I am generally interested in the bike and cycling, and therefore I just think it's a really exciting day,
and to be with others who share similar interests, was enormously instructive.
(Thomas, participant) 

For two days, the students attempted to see new connections between bicycles and technology. They were helped along by a number of speakers who inspired and helped them explore relevant issues.

I have expanded my horizons in terms of how many different ways
you can look at a bike and how many ways you can improve cycling.
(Thomas, participant)

Speakers were Matthew Willse, Cyclee (USA), Malene Freudendahl-Pedersen, RU (DK), Nikolai Sonne, So ein Ding (DK). Read more about their background at the bottom of the page.

The result was five inspiring and very different projects, as you can see below.

When you set students to think about such things they always come up with some
 very innovative things that are fun and makes you think about things in a new way.
(Malene Freudendahl-Pedersen, speaker)

Even the seasoned technology and cycling experts who gave presentations and appraised, left the workshop with new inspiration.

Read the participants' presentations of new meetings between technology and bicycles (in English):
Download the presentations below.

Facebike by Oskar Funk and Rasmus Funk: What if we could create an online community about cycling, where users could give each other exciting challenges and useful tips?

Build-a-basket by Line Voltzmann and Thomas Funk: The ordinary bicycle basket is inflexible and feminine in the eyes of many, but what if you could make a flexible basket that you could determine the shape of?

Multi-message-bell by Simon Weinberger and Jonathan Reghev: Can a bell with more tones create better cycling culture?

I love green light by Nele Sattrup and Pelle Krøgholt: Can we get more people to cycle, if you never have to stop at a red light?

Servicechain by Andreas Wolf and  Kristen Maddox: Would it make life easier to prevent bicycle injuries or get a doctor visit?

More about the speakers at the event:
Matthew Willse, Cyclee (USA) is founder of The Coup a creative studio that works to amplify the impact of public interest projects. He has also taught courses in web development, drawing, and wood working at Art Institut of Boston. His latest project Cyclee aims to develop a 
platform for bicycle advocacy and community building, using a distributed network designed to engage at the scale of individual, community, and city.

Malene Freudendahl-Pedersen, RUC (DK), is Associate Professor at RUC, her research focuses on mobilities in late modern everyday life. With a point of departure in transport research she examines why and how we choose specific modes of transport in everyday life and the meaning and  significance this has for lived life. Mobility behavior can not be understood though, from a narrow understanding of everyday life when it is produced and reproduced on multiple societal scales.

Nikolai Sonne, So Ein Ding (U.S.), is host on the TV program So Ein Ding, which deals with electronic gadgets. He is a former journalist and host of Gear-TV for the gadget magazine Gear.

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