Welcome to the Bicycle Library

Bicycle Innovation Lab's bicycle library allows you to discover new bicycle designs and test drive the bicycle of your dreams. To be able to book bikes, you have to be a member, sign up here. Click on the link Book in the pictures below to book a bike, you can see available bikes 3 weeks ahead. Pick it up in our containers on the space between Prismen on Holmbladsgade and Prags Boulevard.

Things to know when you borrow a bicycle:
      • There is a 500 DKK refundable deposit for each bicycle loan.  However, if you do not have a danish address or health card, the deposit for each bicycle is a 1000 DKK. The deposit must be payed in cash.
      • The bicycles can only be picked up Thursdays between 17 and 18 o’clock
      • The bicycles can only be returned Thursdays between 16 and 17 o’clock
      • If you cannot pick up or deliver the bicycle in these opening hours, you cannot borrow a bicycle.
      • When you book a bicycle, you will receive a confirming email. The day before you pick up your bicycle, you will receive a text message reminding you of which bicycle you have borrowed and when it must be collected.
      • Read more about the requirements the bicycle library makes when borrowing a bicycle here.
      • You can borrow a bicycle for a week.
      • If you want to loan a bicycle for two consecutive loan periods, please contact us.

Our library is located in two black containers situated between Prismen on Holmbladsgade and Prags Boulevard. See on a map.

At Bicycle Innovation Lab we are in close contact with several of the bicycle library's users, and we follow their efforts in finding the bicycle that is best suited for their everyday life and needs. We have therefore made a video collection where some users tell about their experience in the bicycle library, and what effect it has had on their transport needs. 
Watch the videos here (in Danish):

OPening hours


4-5 pm: Bicycle returns

5-6 pm: Bicycle pickups

Please note that the appointed times for returns and pickups MUST be respected.

Bikes can be booked by members only. Membership costs 300,- Dkr, a year.

Prismen (the two containers by the entrance)
entrance by Prags Boulevard
Holmbladsgade 71
2300 Kbh. S

  • 500 DKK or 1000 DKK deposit in cash
  • Picture ID (passport / driving license / insurance card)
  • To give the message to the personal if you borrow the bicycle in two loan periods
  • Your own bicycle lights

Bicycle Trailers


Child transporter

Custom Bicycles

Electrical Bicycles

Folding Bikes

Long Johns

Racing Bikes


Short Johns


Take our bikes out for a spin!
Lectures, debates, workshops, film nights and much more.
We have designed a bcycle course for schools together with Furesø Municipality.
Photos and press releases.
3 udstilling forside
Rent our international travelling exhibition to start a debate on cyclism and sustainability.
Free lectures on Danish bicycle designs and their relevance in an urban context.
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