Encouraging Cyclism in School Children

Together with Furesø Municipality and other partners we have developed a course to increase the percentage of cyclists among school children. The method of teaching makes the bike relevant as an interdisciplinary teaching object in subjects such as mathematics, science & technology, art or history, while promoting the children's desire to cycle.
Together with Furesø Municipality, Aalborg University's Department of Learning & Philosophy and Cykelstalden.dk we have developed a concept for students around 12 years that takes three weeks. During these weeks the bicycle will be used as a theme for interdisciplinary work in the subjects of History, Danish, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Home Economics, Design and Sports. The key words in the process are cooperation and innovation. The teaching is both theoretical and practical and the overall vision is to create the future of cyclists by giving students a personal ownership of the bike.

Watch the video at the top of the page to get an experience of the project. If you read on you can see how the course is structured.

On Flickr you can see all our pictures from the various project weeks.

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Intro Weeks

The first two weeks the bike is involved in almost all subjects and students also learn to maintain their own bicycles. In the third week the students are divided into three workshops.

Invention Workshop

In one course students build their own bike but they need to think outside the box: The bike must not look like a regular bike and they must use materials from used bikes, prams, skateboards, skis and the like.

Cycling and Diet Workshop

Another workshop is about cycling and diet in which students must develop a healthy eating plan for children of their own age. Then they cook a meal and prepare a presentation in which they explain their schoolmates why it is a good idea to eat healthy.

Bicycle and Excercise Workshop

The last workshop is about cycling and exercise in which students must explore the possibilities for using the bike, develop an exercise program for children of their own age and they must prepare a presentation to convince their peers about why it is a good idea to exercise.

About Biking To School

Furesø Municipality in collaboration with Bicycle Innovation Lab, Aalborg University's Department of Learning & Philosophy and Cykelstalden.dk have received support from the Danish Road Directorate to launch a new learning and innovation project for its local schools. Entitled "Cycling through play and learning - a learning and innovation project in school," the project aims to encourage children and young people to cycle to and from school and hobbies by making cycling a curricular theme in schools.

Read more about the project by clicking here.
Other schools will be able to borrow toolboxes with copies of teaching materials from the school year 2013 to 2014. Contact Bicycle Innovation Lab for more info. There will be charged an administration fee of 1000 KR and the cost of transport.


Contact us if you have questions about the project.


Lene W. Hartmann, klimaprojektleder Furesø Kommune

Torben U. Rosenørn, lektor. Institut for Læring & Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg dHVyQGxlYXJuaW5nLmFhdS5kaw==

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