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At Bicycle Innovation Lab, we work continuously to produce videos that we gather here in our videotheque. So far, we are able to present the first video in our series on Danish Cycling Pioneers. The second video in the series is currently on the editing table, so watch this space for it or like us on facebook to stay updated. If you scroll further down, you can also find the video the Foreign Ministry has made ​​on us.

Learning with Bikes

In collaboration with Bicycle Innovation Lab and a number of other bicycle specialists, Furesø Municipality has launched a new learning and innovation project for its local schools.

The ambition of the project is to develop and test new teaching material and methods that make the bicycle relevant as an interdisciplinary teaching object in subjects as diverse as mathematics, science and technology, arts, history, etc., while at the same time promoting school children's use of the bicycle in daily life.

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This movie has been filmed by

Danish Bicycle Pioneers #1:   Larry vs. Harry

Hackevent at the IT University  

The City on Bike # 3

Video Stories from the Bicycle Library # 3: Johnny's Electric Bicycle

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Video Stories from the Bicycle Library # 2: Anne Dorte's Folding Bike

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Video Stories from the Bicycle Library # 1: Søren's electric Long John

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Danish Bicycle Pioneers #1:   Carl Georg Rasmussen

If your curiosity has been whet, you can always try out the Leitra by clicking here and booking it in our Bicycle Library.

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